A brief history of Palac Piszkowice

1427: The original fort is burnt to the ground following invasion during the Hussites wars.

1519: A stone dated 1519 built into the garden wall suggests the build date of the first Renaissance manor.

1722: The Palac is renovated to include larger windows.

1300’s – 1819: The Von Haugwatz family own the estate. The widow of the Von Haugwitz family sells the estate.

1819 – 1873: The Falkenhausen family acquire ownership of the estate. The family’s three daughters marry three brothers from the Von Zedlitz-Neukirch family.

1873 – 1892: Through marriage the Von Zedlitz-Neukirch family inherit the estate.

Circa 1885: During renovations by the Von Zedlitz-Neukirch family, the shape of the Palac roof is modified.

1890 – 1937:  The Palac is sold to the Von Eichborn family from Breslau (now Wrocław).

1892: A second floor is added to the Palac and construction of the roof is modified again.

1937: The Palac is sold to Lieutenant Salfeld (likely the last owner before the war).

1939 – 1945: Second World War.

1945: Poland assumes control of the former German Silesia Region.

1945 – 1965: The Palac is run as offices for a State Farm.

1965 – 1996: The Palac is repurposed as an elementary school for the local community. Hundreds of children attend school at the Palac.

1996 – 2007: With the opening of the Polish economy to Europe, the Palac is sold to a Belgian Corporation. The decline of the Palac begins.

2007 – 2015: The Palac is sold again to another investor. Unsecured, the Palac falls into further decline.

2015: The Palac is acquired by Polish / Canadian owners Orotelli. Palac restoration begins.